The Extra Passenger

MH370 'was carrying an extra passenger who likely took control of the cockpit', new theory claims ... according to the U.K.'s Daily Mail HERE

NO IT WASN’T according to Investigators.

The Last Minute Change (LMC) reduced the pre-booked pax list by one.

Way down in the article the truth appears:

"A spokesman for the MH370 safety investigation team said: 'We are aware of this discrepancy. The actual number of passengers on-board was 227.'

He said the manifest, which listed 228 passengers, was actually a computerised load sheet which was transmitted about two hours before the aircraft's departure.

The actual figures can differ from that transmitted on the load sheet due to last minute changes,' he said."

This is the problem with people commenting on an issue of which they have no knowledge.

Every pilot, dispatcher and aircraft purser knows how the L.M.C. system works.

Last Minute Changes are resolved by the Dispatcher and the Captain before the door is closed. If the change is within a pre-determined limit the aircraft can go immediately.

Outside the limits, another Load Sheet is required.