The Lawsuit

On the third anniversary of the loss of MH370 the passengers' families lodged a lawsuit against Boeing.

We have made a page about it, so you can download the actual claim.

I am expecting a verdict about the time I enter the Old Pilot's Home.

This could be quite a case, when one of the plaintiff lawyers is called as a witness for the defence.

In the early 1990s a recommendation was made by an air safety investigation authority to extend the pinger life from thirty to sixty days. It was disregarded.

And ejectable flight recorders were designed and implemented in aircraft, but not passenger airliners made by the Defendant. Surely the US transport organisations should have demanded action if they thought that the Flight Recorders installed by the Defendant were substandard.

"The Crash Of MH370" tells you all about it.

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Meanwhile, get your copy of the filings