The US Ban Is Insane


The destruction of the PANAM 747 in the Lockerbie
bombing proved that a disguised device, placed in a cargo hold, can cause disaster.

The work done by the brilliant Kiwi investigator working for the GCAA on the UPS6 747 crash identified the danger of lithium batteries.

Both ICAO and FAA recommend that lithium batteries should NOT be placed in checked baggage.

The existing system, hand screening electronic devices (“ Turn it on and show me that it works” and intelligent Xray machines) solves the problem.

Lithium batteries (electronic items such as laptops, phones, eReaders, cameras) are best carried in the cabin where a thermal runaway can be detected by fire fighters (cabin crew) who are trained to deal with them using the new FireSock technology.

Is the “Security” smokescreen the new tool to damage the three Middle Eastern Carriers so despised by the US carriers? It emerged soon after the new President met with US airline bosses.

The new policy only increases the chances of a Li battery fire in checked baggage
— which may well be the cause of the MH370 crash.

Don’t play their game. 

If the USA won’t accept careful hand screening and Xray-ing of electronic items, then maybe they don’t need the tourism and business dollars of their prospective guests.

I, for one, will not board a flight to the USA (and now London) which allows passengers to cram, squash and squeeze Li battery devices (each one with an exquisite electrical timer) into their bags bound for cargo holds. Especially since each bag next to it can be guaranteed to contain Li batteries in the camera, laptop, tablet and eReader within.  

I’ll take a holiday flight somewhere safer, and do business by teleconferencing if needed.

Retired Airbus A380 Captain


The National

Lithium Battery Cargo Fire test

Ben Sandilands