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Andre Milne is the founder of these two websites: and

He posted the letter below to the head of Interpol, and in other correspondence refers to
The Republic of Australia.

To use him as a credible source says more about the Editors of news organisations than it says about Andre.

INTERPOL International Criminal Police Organization 200 Quai Charles de Gaulle 69006 Lyon France
July 14, 2016
Dear President Ballestrazzi,
RE - Criminal Information et al MH370
Pursuant to the submission by the undersigned of May 24/15 is a copy of the final action taken in regard to the matter of MH370
Please note that as identified by the undersigned MH370 has not thus far been found in the SIO.
Please note that following extensive international news media coverage of the volunteer investigation of MH370 by the undersigned from reporters such as Samantha Payne of The International Business Times,  Robyn Ironside of Australia News, Jane Wardell of Reuters and Helen Barnett of The Daily Express, the undersigned was contacted by an informant who provided to the undersigned extensive and comprehensive details of the matter of MH370
Please note that following extensive analysis of the informants claims as crossed referenced with extensive physical evidence that surfaced months "after" said informants claims were disclosed to the undersigned, the following action was prepared and distributed.
Please note that the informant claimed that two UAV's were used and simultaneously remotely destroyed by the unknown criminal organization behind the hijacking of MH370
Please note the informant claimed one UAV was used as a pace drone to ensure the hijack pilots of MH370 flew slow enough to have the fuel to fly over The Maldive Atolls at sunrise to be witnessed from the ground in order to create the illusion that MH370 was observed heading to US Military Base Diego Garcia.
Please note the informant claimed a second UAV was used as a diversion drone to broadcast simulation  signals to the Inmarsat Network to mislead and or further confuse the international community that MH370 flew towards the SIO
Please note that subsequent to the informants claims the following corroborative physical and scientific evidence has surfaced;
1) Two almost simultaneous low impact shock waves were detected from the University of Curtin Oceanic Detection Sensor Network at a space and time that forensically fuses with the claims of the informant that both UAV's were destroyed simultaneously immediately after MH370 was witnessed flying past the Maldive Atolls "and" shortly after the last artificial MH370 hand shake ping was received by Inmarsat from the SIO
2) Irrefutable hard evidence that wreckage from an unaccounted UAV washed ashore in The Maldive Atolls.
3) Irrefutable hard evidence that wreckage from an unaccounted UAV washed ashore in Australia.
4) Irrefutable hard evidence that multiple items of external wreckage from MH370 all matching the forensic science of metallurgical stresses associated with a soft ditch landing have washed ashore.
5) Irrefutable hard evidence that all of said external wreckage items from MH370 originated from an area that is NOT from the SIO as scientifically calculated by the worlds leading oceanic company called GEOMAR who identified the crash site of AF447 that was located after two days of searching the site identified by GEOMAR.
6) Irrefutable hard evidence that GEOMAR deemed the soft ditch site of MH370 identified by the undersigned as having a 95% probability of accuracy.
7) Irrefutable hard evidence that The Governments of Malaysia and Australia each have possession of UAV debris and are NOT providing any details as to the origins of said UAV debris and or the results of any forensic examination of said debris for the existence of possible internal force actuated explosive residuals and or of the type of oceanic growths that developed upon each UAV debris item.
As such, it is without merit to dismiss the claims of the aforementioned informant as made to the undersigned.
As such, it is now glaringly obvious to the undersigned that without the direct intervention of INTERPOL to the investigation of MH370 this entire matter will soon be forgotten from the public eye after the search in the SIO is terminated in the very near future.
Thank you kindly,
Andre Milne
The ASOVE Team
c.c. Inmarsat

A post, dated July 1st, 2016 :

Dear Honorable Foreign Ministers ;
People's Republic of China
Wang Yi
And to -
Republic of Malaysia
Dato Sri Anifah Hj. Aman
And to -
Republic of Australia Julie Bishop
And to -
Peoples Republic of Russia
President Putin
And to -
Peoples Republic of Russia
Prime Minister Medvedev
The undersigned is a volunteer investigator with a human rights NGO called ASOVE.
ASOVE received a full disclosure from an informant who claimed to have intercepted evidence in regard to the hijacking of MH370
The informant claimed;
- the country where the hijackers conducted the hijack from, - the actions taken upon the passengers of MH370, - the motive for the hijack, - details of UAV's that were used during the hijack of MH370
Please find attached an image of UAV debris recovered from Australian soil that was claimed by the informant as being the signals drone that was directed to fly towards the South Indian Ocean and then detonated after simulating the emissions of the hand shake pings from MH370 as received by Inmarsat.
As such, the current search of the South Indian Ocean has been an honest error based on a premeditated effort to deceive all MH370 search efforts.
The undersigned is formally requesting your respective authorities to search a specific and precise location in the Bay of Bengal as provided to the undersigned by way of third party request based on advanced remote ELINT Satellite Technology as released informally by the Russian Military.
Please note that a structure matching the ELINT data as released by The Russian Military does in fact now exist in The Bay of Bengal based on an informal sonar scan the undersigned requested of the site in May of 2014.
Thank you kindly,
Andre Milne
Unicorn Aerospace Military Technology Development @aeromilitarytec
Director of Investigations
c.c. FBI Director Comey
USA Nat Sec Advisor Rice