The Majority ... Oh Do They?

In his article in The Australian today, Journalist Ean Higgins states:

"Most airline pilots and air crash investigators, however, believe Mr Gilbert’s scenario involves too many highly improbable events happening in a particular ­sequence, and think it unlikely the pilots would have flown the aircraft for an extended period of time during the emergency without issuing a distress call.

The majority of professional aviation opinion holds that Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah ­hijacked his own plane, killed the passengers and remaining crew by depressurising the aircraft while he remained on a long oxygen supply, and flew the aircraft to the end."

Ya reckon?

Except for one 737 airline pilot and one retired 777 pilot, (both who have written for The Australian), I do not know of one professional wide-body, international airline pilot who believes that Captain Shah was a murderer.

The reasons why are detailed in THE CRASH OF MH370.

If Captain Shah was a murderer or suicidal, and there is massive evidence from the Malaysian Police saying there is
no evidence to back the claim, then he would have pointed his fuel laden 777 at the Petronas Towers just after takeoff and said:

"Watch this!"

Wouldn't you?

Why does The Australian keep pushing this line?

Ean Higgins' otherwise well-written article HERE

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